What do you call that plant or animal in Bininj Kunwok?

Many people working and living in Kakadu National Park and Western Arnhem Land need to know the Bininj Kunwok names for natural species. Bininj Kunwok is a collective name for the dialect chain that includes Kunwinjku, Kundjeyhmi, Kuninjku, Kune, Mayali and Kundedjnjenghmi. These languages are spoken in the Kakadu and West Arnhem Land regions of the Northern Territory's Top End. Indigenous land management rangers, scientists, linguists, arts centre workers, tourists, students and others who have an interest in Indigenous ecological knowledge will find this online resource useful. Maybe you have recorded some names for natural species in a Bininj Kunwok dialect yourself? You can submit your data and a photograph by following the "contribute" link below. If you want to know more about Bininj Kunwok languages, there are many more resources on bininjkunwok.org.au


Do you have photographs of plants and animals from Kakadu and western Arnhem Land?

You can contribute them to this site. Search for a species in the search engine below and follow the instructions to contribute your images.


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